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Florida Workers Comp Law Is Unconstitutional, Legislature Cheated Injured Workers

Miami judge declared Florida workers’ compensation law unconstitutional, because medical care and wage-loss benefits for injured workers have been so diminished over the years that the current statute now violates employees’ “fundamental” rights. According to Circuit Judge Jorge E. Cueto regarding the case of a Miami-Dade County government office worker, he said the almost 80-year-old… Read More »

The New Workforce Innovation for Florida’s Disabled

Fewer than 30% of Florida’s civilians with disabilities, ages 18-64, living in the community were employed in 2012 and fewer than 2000 transition-aged students with disabilities entered the workforce during that year. But with the passage and signing of theWorkforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) of 2014 employment opportunities for Floridians with disabilities is about… Read More »

Bullying and Harassment of the Disabled – Disability Rights

Cases of school bullying in American schools are an all-time high, as cyber bullying becomes one of the most destructive forms of bullying in our schools. This new form of bullying allows bullies to target vulnerable kids anywhere and at any time. Monitoring cyber bullying is difficult for both parents and teachers and this is… Read More »

Ticket To Work Program In Florida: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you currently live in Florida, receive Social Security disability benefits and are considering returning to work? Some recipients of disability payments may be able to begin working again, or at least attempt to reenter the job market. Yet, if you are considering this type of move, you’re likely concerned about the impact that it… Read More »

Fair Housing Laws Explained

Understanding your legal rights and responsibilities is the first in ensuring that your rights are respected. Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act contains the Fair Housing Act which bans any form of discrimination based on color, race, religion, sex, nationality or disability. In addition, the act also offers protection for families with children. New… Read More »

Disability Employment Resources in Florida

According to the Disabilities Act of 1990 individuals in the United States with disabilities can enjoy the same employment opportunities as people without disabilities. In America’s workforce, free of discrimination, a qualified individual with a disability has a right to work. In Florida there are many resources where the disable can get assistance with finding… Read More »