Disability Employment Resources in Florida

By | June 4, 2014

According to the Disabilities Act of 1990 individuals in the United States with disabilities can enjoy the same employment opportunities as people without disabilities. In America’s workforce, free of discrimination, a qualified individual with a disability has a right to work.

In Florida there are many resources where the disable can get assistance with finding a job.  Below you will find a list of online resources:

  • For information about different job openings or employment related resources, disabled people can contact the Employ Florida site which is a network of workforce services.
  •  Ask EARN (Employer Assistance & Recruiting Network) site  have a database of jobs open to those with disabilities.
  • Non-profit public/private partnership ‘The Able Trust’ will help Floridians with disabilities in finding employment.

Those with disabilities have rights and resources available to them to aid in gaining employment.  Know your rights and use these services available to you:

  • Access to publicly funded benefits and services.
  • Accessibility to the blind
  • Vocational rehabilitation services.
  • Civic participation and voting rights.
  • In the most exclusive environment access to appropriate and free public education.
  • Access to transportation, business, post-secondary education,  technology and other public and private programs.
  • Access to home and community based services.

Some of the goals and objectives in the year 2014 for the disabled people in Florida are as listed below:

  • There should not be any kind of abuse or neglect to such individuals, and to people who suffer from any kind of disability.
  • Any kind of financial abuse to disabled people and to promote economic self-sufficiency.
  • Each and every individual should get full and equal enjoyment of rights.
  • Disabled people should get access to any kind of programs, recreation and transportation.
  • The students with disabilities should be eligible for all kinds of educational opportunities.
  • They should have the opportunity for fully integrated employment.
  • One of the most important goals is to increase public awareness about Disability Rights.