People with Disabilities or Special Needs Are Targets for Bullying

By | June 25, 2014

Bullying is rampant in our school system because we all thought it was just a part of growing up. Society as a whole allowed bullying to grow and flourish but a number of unfortunate events stirred up public debate on this issue. People now believe that bullying is wrong and that it should be discouraged in our schools. Numerous studies also show that bullied children experience emotional distress, anxiety and depression, which in turn causes their academic performance to drop significantly. Forty-one states have put in place concrete measures e.g. anti-bullying laws to curb bullying in their schools while legislative debate on such laws continues in other states such as Massachusetts.

The Plight of Children with Disabilities

Bullies target kids who seem different when compared to other kids at school. In many cases, bullies pick on kids who appear different and physically weak. Children with disabilities are different as well as physically defenseless in most cases and this is why these children are particularly at risk when it comes to bullying. An online survey on Massachusetts Advocates for Children confirms this assertion. The survey revealed that 90% of all children with autism experienced bulling at one time or another according to the responses given by their parents.

Schools Should Be Safe

Your child is never at fault when bullies target him or her because bullies target vulnerable kids among them. You should let your child know that bullying is not okay and to react violently to cases of bullying is not the way to go. You should speak with your child more often so that you can know if he or she is experiencing any traumatic events at school. You should also make a list of people your child can go to e.g. a certain teacher, guidance counselor or school administrator if he or she feels targeted by other kids at school.

Legal Redress

The law addresses many concerns that parents, teachers and even students have when it comes to school bullying but it needs some modification to conform to the prevailing norms in our school system. This modification should provide a framework for the involvement of all stakeholders when it comes to preventing, detecting and dealing with school bullying. However, there are cases of school bullying where certain stakeholders e.g. the school administration failed to stop the bullying. In this case, you can seek legal redress in our courts for damages incurred based on personal injury law. Remember, school bullying can only stop if you take action so do not hesitate when it comes to seeking legal redress.  In the case of a child being bullied, there are many parties that can be held accountable – school officials who failed to stop the activity and even the students involved.  Florida has a strict anti-bullying law, so if you know someone who has suffered at the hands of a bully or bullies contact a Personal Injury attorney in Florida.  This type of activity has to stop and hold people accountable is the way to make it happen.